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AdWords Check-Up

The Answers You Need To Get Your Campaigns Blooming Again!

Get A Detailed Personal Report And Action Plan To Improve Your AdWords Performance.

Has the performance of your AdWords campaign wilted and do you want to know what to do to rejuvenate it? If yes, then we would like to offer you the opportunity to get an expert, objective assessment of your campaign in the form of an AdWords check-up.

When carrying out your AdWords check-up  we dive deep into your campaign analyzing it’s setup and performance data. We then provide a full report that details how your campaign has performed against your main KPIs along with a clear plan of action for making improvements.

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Here are some of the things we look at:

  • Campaign Settings
  • Targeting strategies
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Ad Group set up and structure
  • Keywords – wasted impressions and clicks
  • Ad design and performance
  • Conversion set up
  • Ad visibility targeting by device, location, time-of-day, etc

After receiving your application you will receive a questionnaire where we ask certain questions about your business and your marketing goals. We will also request access to your account so we can commence our analyse.

During the audit process, we do not make any alterations to any part of your AdWords account unless authorised by you to do so.

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“InfinityClicks help businesses run a highly focused and managed online marketing campaigns. Since engaging their bespoke e-marketing services we have experienced an exponential growth in online enquiries and have no hesitation in recommending this targeted and niche approach to other businesses – providing they’re not a competitor!”

Mike Glanfield, Epsilon Consultants

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