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 AdWords Management

Optimizing Your Campaigns To Drive Your Business Growth

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More Than Just Management

We aim to be more than just your AdWords managers, but a highly valuable partner, who will help you to achieve the continuous improvement in business growth that you deserve.

Start With Data Analysis

We start by analysing any of your existing campaigns, so we can look at their setup and structure and dig into the data. This provides us with a clear picture of what has worked well, or perhaps not so well, and therefore allows us to decide where the initial opportunities for improvements lie.

Develop A Strategic Plan

The next step is to develop a plan based on your business goals and the data analysis. The result is a clear plan of action for targeting the best opportunities identified so far, as opposed to acting on guess work or just hope!

Competitor & Keyword Research

We indentify the most profitable keywords and search terms and also strip out any existing ones that could be hurting your campaigns and costing you money. We then analyse your competitors ads see what is and is not working well for them. The result is more effective and focused campaigns that get you the results you need more quickly.

Build & Implement

We then ensure that your campaigns are built using the structure, ad copy, targeting and placements required for improved quality scores and ad ranking so as to effectively drive quality leads to your web site.

Optimizing For Increased ROI

Our process of continual testing, analysis and optimization will gradually increase the effectiveness and cost efficiency of your campaigns and so drive further profit. Your Adwords marketing then becomes a predictable and steady investment rather than a worrying and unpredictable expense.


Each month we provide you with a report that clearly shows how your campaigns are performing against all the key performance indicators. This allows you to see the wood for the trees and to make informed decisions on your marketing and wider business strategy, as well as helping you to come back to us with specific queries.

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